About us

ELJ Automotive SA is part of NCH Advisors Inc. since 2006, the group among whose members are IT companies, companies in the brokerage, banking companies, companies in the food industry, industrial profile companies operating in the production or services and companies in the real estate.

Specializing in the production of automotive and non-automotive molded, blow, termopresing plastics and assembly process and product, developer IATF 16949 / 2016 and clients specific requirements, ELJ Automotive SA is situated in Titu Town, Dambovita.

With a total of 400 employees, we are one of the leading suppliers of plastic parts for industry in Romania.

We are a young and dynamic team that understands the importance of providing high quality services and products, and with over 30 years experience in the automotive industry, automotive sector continued by taking the ELECTROAPARATAJ, we learned to optimize our production costs so that we can offer high quality products at competitive costs. Since entering the NCH group, turnover grew steadily and in 2015 we plan to reach 35 million Euros.

Customer orientation, whose demands increasingly higher in terms of quantity and quality, determined invested 7.4 million. Euros through which they acquire new equipment, leading to a fleet that includes 68 injection machine capacity 50-1700tf and 4 blowing machine capacity of 2-4 kg / piece, thus qualifying us as a company with one of the largest plastic processing capacity in Romania.

Laboratory Facilities:

- 3D measuraments;
- Testing of raw material (fluidity index, burning speed, ash content);
- Finishing products testing for: occasional contact with automotive fluids, heat behavior in non-radiating dry oven;
- Precise weight measuraments;

We are ready to provide our users with complete management of projects in the production of plastic materials as follows:

- Plastic product design;
- Design of injection molds for plastic products;
- Technological design;
- Construction of injection molds and blowing hollow bodies;
- Injection parts from thermoplastics: PE, PP, PPT, PP + FS, PA, PA + FS, ABS, ABS – PC, POM, PET, PBT, PET + FS + FS PBT, PBT, PC, etc, with machines ranging from 50 to 1700 tons force;
- Extrusion - Blow (traditional and aspirated) parts from thermoplastics ; LDPE, HDPE, PPH, PPK, PA, PA + FS, for parts up to 4 kg;
- Logistics and transport;

Our advantage is the experience of over 30 years in the automotive field recognized as one of the most demanding areas of the plastics production, where the production process is optimized to the highest degree, so that it can provide beneficiaries products a high level of quality, with minimal production costs.